OSS Enthusiast | Arch Linux | Site “Restart” Engineer(SRE) | Kubernetes | Distributed Systems | Cultures of Learning

(Tbh, don’t know what to write here)

But so passionate about FOSS world then boot up my shipboard with some *-nix (mostly prefered Linux) and end up with send magic craft spells aka Enter.

Curious about tinkering with low tech stuff’s, experimenting with homelab setups and digging in into underground (nerd) tech scenes.

These day, I’m enjoying around DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) roles, having fun automating things, diving deep into kubernetes documentations, trial and error playing SLI/SLO terms, and also another place that mostly people call it a cloud computing (which is really just another form of computer, right ?).

Please be aware that the following notes, including their content and opinions, are my own view.

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